About us

Our association is for all HUMANS.

But in particular our association is for anyone who is interested using Human Sciences in Strategy. We have members from all the spectrum of business development, from design to marketing, from product development to finances.

A group of human insight specialists founded the association in 2019 and we have been growing steadily.

What brings us together is the need to share, learn and apply human insights in all areas of strategic work.

Our main goals are:

  • To create a community of professionals
  • To promote discussion and to cultivate the use of applied human sciences in strategy work
  • To build international collaboration and networks
Photo by Antenna on Unsplash.

Events and networking

We organise a monthly Breakfast Club for in-person or online meetings between members (the f2f meetings are currently organised in Helsinki, but you’re free to organise other clubs elsewhere).

We also have Facebook and LinkedIn groups for discussions and sharing material.

In addition, our members get exclusive access to curated events and workshops where we can discuss and share case studies, perspectives and insights related to strategy.

Wan to organise an event? Or suggest a theme? Email us and let’s discuss! We are always open for new suggestions and opportunities to share and learn.

Want to become a member?

Download the membership rules (in Finnish, in English) and fill the application form.

Describe your background and interest briefly, and state that you have read and accepted the rules. That’s it!

Our members have a great variety of different degrees and backgrounds, and we welcome applications from all humans interested in the purpose and theme of our association. Note, we currently do not have any membership fees and most of our events are also free of charge.

Photo by Startaê Team on Unsplash.
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