HUMANS board consist of 12 individuals from a variety of backgrounds. We share the passion and drive for human sciences and applied research.

Anni Ojajärvi

Chairwoman of Humans

Principal Strategist at Swanlake.

Anni is experienced strategist and customer-centric business developer. She holds a PhD in sociology and strives to understand how context and phenomena shapes people’s lives today and tomorrow. Anni helps clients create meaningful futures with the help of human sciences, scenario work and futures thinking.

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Alexander Spalding

Vice chair of Humans

Alexander currently works as a Product Manager (Patient Experience & Mobile) at Kaiku Health. Alongside being a qualified Product Manager, he also completed an MPhil in Health, Medicine, and Society at the University of Cambridge as a Wellcome Trust scholar.

Alexander is not only passionate about using different social science methodologies to explore the lived experiences of people, but he also specialises in integrating this knowledge into cutting-edge product development work.

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Heli Rantavuo

Heli Rantavuo, PhD, is an experienced leader with 15+ fun years in international tech. Her work brings human sciences into strategy & product development, to create meaningful products, sustainable business and smart teams that are good for everyone to work in. She is currently working on Spotify‘s global growth.

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Taneli Heinonen

Researcher & Consultant, Insight Delivery.

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Isabella Holm

 Human Insights & Strategy at Work & Co.

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Anna Martela

 Business Anthropologist, CEO, Kenno Anthropological Consulting.

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Sanna Rauhala

Design Anthropologist at Solita.

Sanna navigates the boundaries of physical and virtual realities with ease, and is experienced in providing human insights in both – using tools from social sciences, service design, strategy work and more. She has worked with our sensory experiences, morality of robotics and AI, the so-called digital transformation and is fascinated by pretty much all things human. Inclusivity and digital ethics are ever present in her work, and the landscapes and narratives of space travel make her giddy.

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Mikael Malmivaara

Communications at Helsinki Incubators (

Mikael Malmivaara wishes he’d followed his heart and become an anthropologist instead of studying business, and dreams that a hypothetical future PhD may one day make up for his error in academic choices. Happy to be included, grateful for all the new insights, has a strong dislike of heights.

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Antti Rannisto

Insight Lead at Solita.

Antti Rannisto is a sociologist and ethnographer working as Insight Lead at Solita’s Design & Strategy team. For the past 10+ years he has worked with applied social science in service and product design, organisational change, brands and communications. Much of Antti’s current work revolves around social implications of new technologies, helping organisations balance and better position human and non-human agency in sociotechnical systems. He also works part-time at Aalto University’s multidisciplinary research group on Civic Agency in AI.

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Juuli Hilska

Juuli is a sociologist with a passion to drive a human-centric approach through qualitative research in business and technology environments. She thrives in innovative environments driven by the curiosity of understanding human behavior and ambition to look into the future. She works as a consulting researcher at Noren Oy and her professional experience includes working for NGOs, public sector and academia, as well as for technology companies and doing freelance consulting in the private sector. 


Hanna-Kaisa Alanen

Hanna-Kaisa is a Designer and a PhD Candidate in Cognitive Science. She is an experienced designer driven by constant curiosity in human driven approach who uses fashion as a universalistic strategy of analysis in human-technology interaction (HTI) questions. Her PhD studies aim at advancing evidence-based value creation in strategic design, socio-emotional experience at its core. Hanna-Kaisa has a background in various roles in multidisciplinary design and related ecosystems in business environments.

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Pekka Enroth

Pekka is a Project Manager, Systems Thinker and Organizational Network Developer at the City of Espoo and the founder of Seymour Consulting. He has special expertise in doing organizational development by co-designing self-managing practices, doing iterative development, consulting networks and other large organizations and doing organizational research on strategy work from a practice theory and systemic perspective.

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