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An anthropological take on product management

We as product development specialists need to start complexifying our understanding of how ‘product-market fit’ ought to be articulated. Learnings from anthropology, as well as the broader human sciences, are going to be critical for this. 

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Debating the utility of ‘ambivalence’ for human-centric strategy formulation

In many ways, the notion that ‘ambivalence’ or ‘self-contradiction’ might, in fact, be part-and-parcel of business strategy formulation seems perfectly sensible. After all, the idea that humans possess the propensity to act in ways that seem to go against their ethical modi operandi or ‘objective’ self-interests seems well-evidenced within our industry. Yet, while the self-contradictory tendencies of humans-as-users/consumers seem to have become entrenched in our industry’s conceptual toolkit, relatively little attention has been paid to the ambivalence with which we as innovation practitioners formulate ‘human-centric’ strategy. 

Mistä on kyse? What is going on here?

Miten tulevaisuutta voi tehdä ihmistieteiden avulla – Creating the future with human sciences Heli Rantavuo, Human Sciences in Strategy, Member of the Board (Scroll down for English) Seison torstaina 27. helmikuuta 2020 Sörnäisissä erään startupin keittiössä kahvikuppi kädessä. On kirkas talviaamu. Juttelemme Kiinassa leviävästä viruksesta, josta onContinue reading “Mistä on kyse? What is going on here?”



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From humans for humans. What joins us the shared passion for applying human sciences in strategy work.

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